MAP: Top 10 Most Unique Stores in Chicago

From breathtaking to bone-chilling, these Chicago stores have a unique twist.

Among the thousands of small, independent stores in Chicago, these 10 offer some of the most unique and interesting inventory. Chicago’s local vendors display an eclectic array of goods, from Alchemy Arts’ selection of vintage occult books to Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities’ collection of animal skulls and human teeth.

The map below shows the top 10 most unique stores around the city of Chicago, featuring images and videos of each location. This map is a great source for visitors and locals alike to find the weirdest collection of antiques, artifacts, gag gifts, collectibles, books, games and much more.

Stores such as Alchemy Arts, American Science & Surplus, Merz Apothecary, Lost Eras, Bookman’s Corner and RR #1 have been around for over decades, essentially designating them as Chicago landmarks. Click each point on the map above to view descriptions of their basic histories.

The newer stores on the map, including Buckets O’Blood, Space Oddities, and The Extraordinarium, also offer a wide supply of rare, niche finds. More information about their inventory and ways to order items can also be found on the map.



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